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Given LIDAM covers a great variety of disciplines, our discussion papers are spread over different series. Each series has its own webpage.

In addition to our website, our discussion papers are also registered in the subject repository RePEc.

Do you have a list of your most recent refereed publications?

You can find a list of our recent publications on the refereed publications page. If you are interested in our latest publications by disciplines, please visit the sub-pages of refereed publications.

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Does LIDAM publish or edit publications?

Yes, LIDAM publishes or edits 3 publications, each with a different aim and scope.

Regards économiques

Regards économiques is a publication of economists from the Catholic University of Louvain created in 2002 by IRES. Regards économiques publishes (mostly in French) economic analyses on various socio-economic issues in a pedagogical and non-technical language in order to reach a large audience. It reflects the willingness of the economists from UCLouvain to get more involved in the socio-economic debate, particularly in Belgium, and to contribute more directly to the understanding of socio-economic issues. Regards économiques is intended to help and inform policy makers, business companies, non-profit organizations, but also teachers and students.

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Analyse économiques et prévisions

Every quarter, the Service d’Analyse Économique (SAE) produces a detailed analysis of short-term economic prospects in Belgium. The objective of this work is to provide public and private decision-makers with frequently updated forecasts for Belgium, which can be compared to those produced by official institutions (mainly the National Bank of Belgium and the Federal Planning Bureau) and by commercial organizations (mainly banks).

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Repertorium Eruditorium Totius Europae

Repertorium Eruditorium Totius Europae is an Open Access journal edited by Prof. David de la Croix.

The purpose of this collection is to provide summary descriptions of the set of scholars and literati who intervened in teaching at the European universities and academies since their inception to the eve of the Industrial Revolution (1800).

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