How to apply for a PhD in Economics at LIDAM ?

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General information about the PhD in Economics

The PhD in Economics is organized by the Economics School of Louvain and the Facult​​​​​y of Economics, Social and Political Science and Communication

This three year program prepares candidates for research and teaching positions in academia and private or public organizations across the world

More information and regulations can be found on the Ph.D. in Economics page of the Economic School of Louvain.

European Doctoral Program in Quantitative Economics (EDP)

The European Doctoral Program is a network of top economics departments in Europe offering an outstanding breath of courses and research topics, within different research traditions, opening to a great variety of views unified by deep and rigorous thinking, with an emphasis on creativity and intellectual excellence, through high quality supervision and exchanges and mobility between member institutions leading to a large academic and professional alumni network.

Find out more on the EDP website