We distinguish two types of readers :
LIDAM members and non-members (including students). The rights and duties will differ accordingly.


 LIDAM members

LIDAM members are CORE, ISBA, IRES, SMCS, LSM, LFIN members including visitors.

For a good organisation and an optimal use of the library, please follow strictly the rules below:

  • Books

- Only LIDAM members can borrow books.
- Books can be borrowed for 3 weeks. This period can be extended for two more 3 week-periods, but the agreement of the librarians is requested.
- No more than 10 books can be borrowed at the same time.
- Some books can NOT be borrowed at all ; they carry a RED LABEL. The same applies to books with PoResp label.
- If an LIDAM member wants to take any book out of the library, he/she should write his/her name and the date on the white card inside the cover and put it in the mailbox of the library.
- Books to be returned must be put in the special box labelled "Return books here" (the white box at the library entrance).
- Borrowed books for which there is an urgent request should be made available within 24 hours. We remind you that the books can not leave your research centre.
- New acquisitions CAN NOT be borrowed during the first 2 weeks of the arrival. This gives everyone the opportunity to consult them.
- To order a book,  please contact the person in charge of the scientific area or the librarians.
- Once a year, the library makes an inventory. You will be asked to return all the books in your possession.

  • Journals

- Journals CAN NOT be borrowed at all (all the journals are Red Labelled). 

  • Papers

- Discussion Papers and Reprints are presented on the drawers in the library (they are Red Labelled).


 Non-members and students

Non-members and students can only consult documents.
They can not borrow any documentation from the library.

Non-members and students are requested to leave their bags/case in the locker at the entrance of the library.



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