Double Degree LSM / VMU

Louvain-La-Neuve, Mons

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Double Degree LSM-VMU in a nutshell

Standard period of study : 4 semesters, full time

Start : Fall semester (mid-September at LSM)

Language : English

Degrees awarded : Double degree student who has completed the required credits of each university will obtain two degrees, one from each university: the "Master en sciences de gestion, à finalité spécialisée"  from the Louvain School of Management (legally titled in French, the programme is entirely in English) and "Master of Business Administration in Finance" OR "Master of Business Administration in Marketing" from the Vytautas Magnus University.

Fees : Tuition fees are paid at the "home" university, for the entire duration of the studies. Administrative fees might be required at the "host" university.


Student, VMU/LSM 2015-2017: "Studying at LSM, really widened my horizons and during that period it made me sure that I must start my own business rather than work for someone. Lectors, who came from businesses and shared their amazing stories, as well as, guests from different international companies inspired me to pursue my goals and believe more in myself." (student, VMU/LSM 2015-2017)

Gintare B., VMU/LSM 2015-2017: "It was my most successful investment, which definitely paid off immediately."

Double Degree Structure

DD students will spend 1 year at LSM and one year at VMU. Although programmes are subject to change, you can check examples here below:

Master's Thesis

Students enrolled in a double degree LSM/VMUare required to write one single Master's thesis. Therefore the students will have to find two professors: one at LSM and one at VMU. One will be the main supervisor and the other one the reader.
Students usually start their work for the Master's thesis already during the first year. The Master's thesis will be written in English. A mandatory oral defense, by videoconference, will take place in front of at least the two professors.

Academic calendar


Fall Semester : from mid-September to mid-end December (Official exam session of fall semester courses in January).
Spring Semester : from end January/beginning of February to mid-end May (incl. 2-week spring break) (Official exam session of spring semester courses in June).
Resit exam session from mid-August to beginnig of September.


Fall Semester : from last week of August to end of December (incl. exam session) (Resit exam session beginning of January)
Spring Semester : from beginning of February to end of June (incl. exam session, master's thesis defence and resit exam session)

How to Apply

> Apply through LSM (if you are selected, LSM will be your home university; you will spend your first year at LSM and your second one at VMU)

> Apply through VMU (VMU will be your home university; you will spend your first year at VMU and your second one at LSM)

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