Videos & pictures

The World of Rare Diseases
with Prof. Sandy Tubeuf (LIDAM/IRES) & Setti Raïs (PSE) 
and in collaboration with Dr. Marie-Cécile Nassogne (Clinique Universitaire Saint-Luc)
and Prof. Mikka Vikkula (Duve Institute)

LIDAM production

Browsing versus studying: A pro-market case for regulation ?
with Prof. Johannes Johnen 

LIDAM production

Christmas Presentations - December 17, 2019

If not profit, then what for and how ? A research programme on social entreprise, with Anaïs Périlleux

High-dimensional penalized graphical models: from brain connectivity to networks of stocks, with Eugen Pircalabelu

LIDAM production

Quels sont les métiers pénibles ? 
with Prof. Jean Hindriks & Arno Baurin
and in collaboration with Clinique Saint-Pierre (Ottignies)

LIDAM production

Doctor honoris Causa: "Put human values at the center of the enterprise".
October 24-25, 2019
Prof. Raghuram Rajan

Celebrating Geography & Energy at CORE !
October 1, 2019
by Prof. Isabelle THOMAS & Prof. Anthony PAPAVASILIOU (CORE)

Francqui Foundation Prize
6 June 2019
by Prof. Anthony PAPAVASILIOU (CORE)

The Economics of Digitization
3-4 May 2019
with Catherine TUCKER (MIT) and Christian ZIMMERMAN (Reserve Bank of Saint Louis)

IRES 90th Anniversary
September-December 2018

9 May 2017
by Prof. Robert J. AUMANN (2005 Nobel Prize Laureate in Economics)

CORE Nobel Talk: Moral Reasoning, Markets and Organizations
18 October 2016
by Prof. Jean TIROLE (2014 Nobel Prize Laureate in Economics)

CORE Fields Medal Talk: Mean Field Games
14 December 2016
by Pierre-Louis LIONS (1994 Fields Medal Laureate)

Nobel Talk on "Confronting Uncertainty"
10 February 2016
by Prof. Lars Peter HANSEN (2013 Nobel Prize Laureate in Economics)

Uncertainty and Economic Policy
September 2016
CORE Lectures Series by Prof. Jacques DREZE (CORE)