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Applied Statistics Workshop

Anne De Frenne (MathX), Bernadette Govaerts, Catherine Rasse and Christian Ritter (UCLouvain) Note: although a teams link to this session is provided, we do not recommend attending it remotely. Learning statistics by playing with physical objects In an era of so-called artificial...
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14:30 / Statistics Seminars

SEMINAR by Daniel Hlubinka (Charles University)

SEMINAR by Daniel Hlubinka (Charles University, Czech Republic) on "Multivariate rank test: Measure transport approach" Abstract : Extending rank-based inference to a multivariate setting such as multiple-output regression or MANOVA with unspecified d-dimensional error density has remained...
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14:30 / Applied statistics workshops

WORKSHOP by Anastassia Negrouk (MyData-Trust)

WORKSHOP by Anastassia Negrouk (MyData-Trust) on "Data Privacy: GDPR & those who must not be identified" Abstract: The first part of the talk will present GDPR in the nutshell: key definitions, principles, and obligations. Thereafter, the application of different principles will be...
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11:00 / Joint ISBA/LFIN Seminars

SEMINAR by Tiziano Bellini (Prometeia)

JOINT ISBA - LFIN SEMINAR by Tiziano Bellini (Prometeia) on ": Model Risk Quantification in Commercial Banking: A Statistical Framework" Abstract : A framework for quantifying model risks in commercial banking is proposed. Model Uncertainty is investigated from different angles with the...
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16:00 / Applied statistics workshops

WORKSHOP by Jessica Vandenbosch (Business and Decision)

WORKSHOP by Jessica Vandenbosch (Business and Decision) on "Data visualisation and dashboard fundamentals" Abstract: Whether you are a statistician, researcher, data analyst or data scientist, data visualisation and dashboard design skills are important to communicate your findings and...
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