Open educational resources




"Open Educational Resources (OER) are learning tools like textbooks, lesson plans, and other media that are in the public domain or openly licensed, meaning that use you can freely use and adapt them. Unlike online resources that are free but not openly licensed, you can adapt OERs as much as you like to your own needs, which makes them an infinitely flexible tool."

What's so great about OER


UCL's primary role is to create, disseminate and acquire knowledge.

Many universities offer open educational resources to the world at large: the Open Education Consortium comprises 250 universities (including MIT and KU Leuven), the Multimedia Educational Resource for Learning and Online Teaching provides access to more than 56,000 resources, OER Commons has some 50,000 OERs, OpenLearn and many more.

By opting for open education, UCL is becoming part of some of these initiatives. Take a look at the UCL OER repository.

Discover what's is an OER in a few seconds (in french)

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