Non-UCLouvain teachers


Why use the resources of OER-UCLouvain?

Because even though you can find anything on Google or YouTube, there is always a question concerning the quality and accuracy of the information obtained in this way.

Because in the absence of a licence granting permission to use a resource, this resource must be regarded as "proprietary", i.e. you have to contact its author to be able to re-use it and most certainly modify it, combine it with other resources, redistribute it or copy it!

UCLouvain's OERs adhere to the principles of the definition of open educational resources. The following are permitted, by default and at no cost: access, obtaining a copy, use and redistribution for personal purposes, subject to acknowledgement of authorship. Depending on the licence chosen, the author sometimes permits modification of the resource and/or commercial use.

The platform dedicated to UCLouvain's OERs has four advantages:

  1. The author or co-author of a UCLouvain open educational resource is always a professor from UCLouvain.

This guarantees the origin of the resource and the author's expertise. You can easily find out how to contact the author via our directory at

  1. The resources are usually directly linked with or arise from UCLouvain courses taught:

- as part of a first degree,

- as part of continuing education,

- at doctoral level, or

- in the classroom or through e-learning via a MOOC.

These resources have therefore been approved for use in university-level education.

  1. The resources are protected by a Creative Commons licence.

At the very least, therefore, they can be re-used freely. Often, however, they can be adapted to meet your needs entirely legally. The licence associated with any of our resources is clearly indicated when you consult a particular resource on

  1. All of the resources on oer.uclouvain.be have been "curated", which ensures that anything downloaded is technically reliable and free from viruses.