Call for proposals October 2017


Call for proposals: October 2017

UCLouvain members of staff are invited to propose a project that addresses one or more of the following topics in the open education component of the digital university:

  • Open educational resources – OERs. Development of OERs; conversion of existing teaching material into an OER; exploitation or conversion of open resources as part of new or existing classes. To date, the new platform references more than 145 open educational resources designed by UCLouvain staff.
  • Support for academic achievement. Development of open teaching materials, development and/or use of technologies geared towards providing support for academic achievement (BAC1, transition from secondary school).
  • Digital technologies to enhance learning.
    • Development of freely accessible learning facilities and learning tools
    • Development and/or analysis of technologies to enhance learning: Moodle modules, formative or summative assessment, podcasting, interaction with learners, etc.

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Project proposals must be submitted by 6 December to The selection process is due to take place in January 2018.


Applications will be evaluated by the PiloTICE (ICT in education steering committee), which comprises educational advisers and eight academics from the different sectors. Where necessary, additional experts will be appointed.


The following criteria will be used to evaluate the projects:

  • Contribution to the topics covered by the call for proposals;
  • Situation of the project (content, format, associated teaching aids, instructional strategy) in relation to an existing course at UCLouvain;
  • Original character of the project compared to the state of the art and existing projects;
  • Estimated impact within or outside UCLouvain;
  • Sustainability and measures taken to ensure this sustainability;
  • Effort required, realistic feasibility and planning (taking into account the support or budget requested), contacts established with potential technical partners;
  • Collaborative aspect, particularly international, pooling of efforts and development work.


Yves Deville

Christine Jacqmot

Call for proposals: January 2017

In its open education component, the digital university project in the Louvain 2020 plan aims to encourage and support the development and use of open educational resources (OERs).

OERs consist of educational materials in digital format (lecture notes, videos, audio podcasts, exercises, case studies, quizzes, assessments, answer keys, reference documents, tables, online courses, etc.) freely distributed to instructors, students and self-learners worldwide.

The platform is continually being developed and hosts UCLouvain's existing OERs in a variety of fields, including medicine, environmental science and computer science. Each week new UCLouvain OERs are added in forms as diverse as slide shows (orthopaedics), textbooks (computer science), e-books (computer science, plant biology, virology), videos (natural resources, law) and games (natural resources). From images to reference books, the size of the resource is irrelevant: if it is available in the OER-UCLouvain repository, it is there because teachers can include it in their classes or students can use it for learning purposes. Other universities already provide access to OERs, such as KU Leuven and the University of British Columbia.

Purpose of the call: to provide support for teachers who wish to showcase, on OER-UCLouvain, pre-existing teaching content, transforming it into a UCLouvain open educational resource, which would initially be made available via the OER-UCLouvain platform and subsequently on international OER platforms, thus ensuring international exposure.