Submitting an OER to OER-UCLouvain


How do you submit an OER to OER-UCLouvain?

Anyone can easily create an OER, working from existing material. Simply select a teaching aid that you think would be useful (and for which you have authors' rights) for disseminating knowledge corresponding to your field of expertise.

Does this apply to you and do you have a collection of teaching resources that you wish to make available to the world at large in the form of an OER? These resources are ready to be disseminated:

  • You have developed a syllabus for one of your courses. It has now been finalised, in terms of both content and format, and you wish to share it and showcase your work.
  • Do you have a set of explanatory leaflets in PDF, case studies documented by their instructional strategy, a slide show covering your course in PPT or PDF format, or a video already hosted on UCLouvain's podcast server? In this case, your teaching resource is ready to be shared and incorporated directly into OER-UCLouvain.

  • You have developed an interactive website, or you have uploaded videos to YouTube or slide shows to SlideShare. That’s a powerful OER!
    • Provided you own the rights to distribute this content, you can contact us or complete the online form.

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