Facts and figures


  • more than 145 open resources submitted to oer.uclouvain.be; each resource comprises at least one element (an article, a file or a reference to a resource hosted outside our platform) but usually several elements (articles, files and references), thereby increasing tenfold the number of resources available
  • more than 2,000 visitors
  • more than 22,000 views for all of the elements in the OERs
  • more than 3,000 downloads
  • on average, the elements of each resource are downloaded once a day
  • since May 2017, more than 300 regular visitors have returned to consult the content of the platform
  • different countries of origin (visitors to the platform in descending order of origin):
  1. France,
  2. Belgium,
  3. the US,
  4. Canada and the UK,
  5. the Netherlands and Switzerland.