Annual Programme - PAE


Two steps to follow:

BEFORE September 30th, each student has to follow 2 STEPS to register to his/her Annual Programme (PAE: Programme Annuel de l'Etudiant):

Step 1: Registration Form

Fill in the REGISTRATION FORM with the right CODE and TITLE of the selected courses and hand it into the ESL Students' Office.
See Guideline  here below.
PAY ATTENTION: The jury only approves the programme via this form!!!!

Step 2: On-Line registration

Register ON-LINE to the SAME PROGRAMME via My UCL - Widget "Mes études" - See TUTORIALS (in FR).

Meet the 5 Guidelines to build your PAE

  • Guideline 1:
    The REGISTRATION FORM has to be filled in with the help of the document "CORE STRUCTURE AND SCHEDULES" (available via the tab Documents and forms on your left side / Schedule and Agenda)

NOTE: Students enrolled in Joint Degree Programmes have to fill in a specific Registration Form (see International Coordinator)
The guideline 2 & 3 is not applicable to you because of your specific programme.

  • Guideline 2:
    The REGISTRATION FORM has to be filled in with the whole programme in mind
    - 1 year for Master 60
    - 2 years for Master 120
  • Guideline 3:
    Your Programme has to meet the official structure of the Master programme: 

    Master 120 / 2-year programme / 120 credits

  1. Core Course - 25 credits
  2. One Focus among three: Professional - Research - Teaching  - 30 credits
  3. Options - 45 credits
  4. Electives - 20 credits
  5. Thesis - 20 credits

NOTE: For the Master 120 - Professional Focus - ECON2MS/G  
The student will be able to choose in the second year between
- Track 1: an internship (15 credits) + 4 electives (20 credits) 
- Track 2: an International Exchange (30 credits) + 1 elective (5 credits)

Master 60 / 1-year programme / 60 credits

  1. Two Options of Specialisation - 30 credits
  2. Three elective courses or 1 additional Option of Specialisation - 15 credits
  3. One TFE (Travail de fin d'études) - 15 credits
  • Guideline 4:
    The Student's Annual Programme (PAE) has to be composed of 60 credits.
    Try to build a balanced programme (ideally: 30 credits per semester).
  • Guideline 5:
    If you want to introduce a special request, please use the back of the PAPER REGISTRATION FORM or introduce it onlin via this on-line request form
    The programme needs to be finalized by September 30th. For the courses of the second semester, you will have the opportunity to make minor course modifications via the on-line request form in February


All the programmes will be approved by the Jury of Cycle before October 15th at the latest

Please check your Dashboard after that date to check the final version of your PAE.