Find the ESL Master in Economics that fits your specific goal

Research Masters (120)

These are intensive two-year programs providing advanced training in microeconomics, macroeconomics and econometrics, together with applications to several specific fields. They offer a deep understanding of what economics is today, and - in close connection with internationally well-known research centers - prepare our students to carry out high-level research in economics. Our Research Masters are thus an ideal pathway to an academic career, as they equip the students with the state-of-the-art tools required to access Doctoral School. Such research skills, however, are also highly valued by (international) institutions and firms looking for experts at the frontier of the profession.

The ESL offers 2 Research Masters, fully taught in English:

  • Master 120 in economics / Research Focus / General Orientation - ECON2MA
    Note: a fast track with 60 credits exemption is possible for the holder of a first university degree of 4 year (or 240 credits) in Economics
  • Master 120 in economics / Research Focus / Econometrics Orientation - ETRI2MA

Professional Master (120)

The Professional Master is high quality program designed to offer a training to pursue a high level professional career by integrating a large set of subjects in economics. It provides the needed skills and tools to become a “problem solver” by understanding economic analysis and its applications to real-life situations.

  • Master 120 in economics / Professional Focus / General Orientation - ECON2MS/G

Teaching Master (120)

The Teaching Master is designed for students who want to become teacher

  • Master 120 in economics / Teaching Focus / General Orientation - ECON2MD

Double Degree Masters (120)

The Economics School of Louvain is proud to have pioneered a set of international degree-granting master programs, in cooperation with prestigious universities inside and outside Europe.

General Master (60)

If you come from another discipline and are looking to deepen your knowledge of economics, you can also join the 1-Year program - ECON2M1