Master Admission Criteria

Holders of a first university degree including at least the following subjects : 

  • Microeconomics (5 credits)
  • Macroeconomics (5 credits)
  • Statistics in Economics and Management II (5 credits)
  • Mathematics in Economics and Management II (5 credits)
  • Econometrics (5 credits)
  • One course from : Public Economics (5 credits), Industrial Economics (5 credits), European Economics (5 credits), Game Theory and Information Economics (5 credits) 

To follow one of our Master in Economics a good level in English is mandatory. A proof of capacity to attend class in English MUST be added to the application file:

  • Or an official transcript of records proving that you followed at least 3 economics courses in English during your previous studies.
  • Or the results of an English test with at least a B2 level according to the EU Framework.

An access to master 120 with credit exemption possibility (between 50 to 60 credits) is possible for the holder of a first university degree of 4 year (or 240 credits) in Economics (to mention in the application file - see procedure hereunder).

It is up to the academic coordinator to agree both equivalences between subjects and any additional components.


  • NON-EU Citizen / living abroad - MARCH 31
  • EU Citizen / living abroad - AUGUST 31
  • All citizenship / living in Belgium - SEPTEMBER 15

Application Process