Computer and Working Rooms


ESL offers some working rooms and computer rooms, available to its students. These are located in the Dupriez and Leclercq Building.


Working rooms D021 and D019

1. Authorized access
- Every student, properly registered at UCLouvain, and registered in a program of Masters in Economics.
These rooms are available in priority to groups of students working on a common project.
- Every member of staff, within the framework of his/her professional activities.

2. Accessibility
Rooms are opened from 9:00 am till 7:00 pm from Monday to Friday, during all academic year.
The access is free, after reservation of the room via the board next to the door of each room.
If needed, you can ask a member of the administration to open the room.
Always watch to close the window before leaving the room.

3. A functional and attractive place
We kindly ask our students to keep these working rooms clean and in order, trash cans are at your disposal, use them. Do not move the equipment.
At the end of your studies, it is possible that you will present your thesis in one of these rooms, keep it in mind!



The room D241 (DUPRIEZ)

A room equipped with 4 computers is also accessible to the students of Masters in Economics.
These computers are equipped with software and useful databases within the framework of your learning.
This room is not accessible freely (see shedule posted next to the door) and you'll have to ask the key to Solange Dujardin or Stéphanie Pavlovitch

LECLERCQ : rooms

  • LECL74
  • LECL76
  • LECL77
  • LECL78

Opening hours

  • from Monday to Friday from 7.30 to 22.30
  • on Saturdays from 7.30 to 13.30

In case of emergency

  • 010/47.82.82.

Wifi Access

  • add «» to your global ID (use same password as MyUCL)



Room D021 Room D023