ESL Student representatives


WARNING! These formalities should be fulfilled BY SEPTEMBER 30

The student representatives designated to represent the students are invited to introduce themselves to the Secretariat.

The student representatives are

The normal channel of information for all collective problems of your year.

Per year of studies, the students designate one or several course representative(s) to whom they may express their wishes, criticisms and suggestions in view of the meetings of Year Committees which are held once per quarter with the manager of the programme and the teachers concerned.

The delegates intervene at the end or at the beginning of a course to draw attention on the information which appears on the bulletin boards, note a change of room or schedule, inform that a professor will be absent, announce the publication of a syllabus, recall the examination registration, etc.

Representatives of their peers in the decision-making bodies of the departments of UCL/UNAMUR

All of the students elect representatives for the following decision-making bodies:

1. The Economics School of Louvain - UCLouvain

  • 6 student representatives to the Board
  • 1 student representatives to the Department Office

2. The department of economics – Université de Namur

  • 2 student representatives to the Board of the Department

The academic calendar of these bodies is available from the UCLouvain and UNamur secretariats

Informant students: NEW

If you want to become "Informant Student" and represent the masters in Economics at ESL by taking part in the recrutement information sessions, you are invited to introduce yourself to Mrs. Stéphanie Pavlovitch.