Language courses


Can you follow French Courses during your stay?


Your can follow French or other languages courses at the Institut des Langues Vivantes.

Option 1: If the language course is part of your learning agreement, you are allowed to follow courses without extra charge (max 10 ECTS/semester French courses and max 6 ECTS/semester other languages).

For this option, the international relations coordinator has to sign a form confirming that the course is part of your program. The form has to be handed in to the ILV secretariat.


Option 2: If the language course is not part of your learning agreement, you can follow courses for all the languages EXCEPT English, Dutch and Spanish. You will be considered as a “free student” (standard fees and enrolment process).


Information sessions are organized by the ILV the first week of the semester, please consult the exact date and time for each language course in Annex.


For additional information regarding language courses, please refer to the ILV Website