Mob-I tool


How to build a program on Mob-i

  • To officially confirm your application enter a draft programme in “Mob-I” for each destination mentioned in your application form
  • Build a programme of 30 ECTS.

For universities outside Europe, please refer to the ECTS conversion table (see Annex I).

  • For Master students: ONLY choose Master courses/Graduate courses within the Department/School of Economics of the Partner University
    • For direct link to the Department of Economics of each university, consult this link and click on the name of the university
    • Specific conditions:
      • For Spanish universities: ESL students have to take master courses (usually subject to host university authorization). As bachelor programmes usually have a duration of 4 years in Spain, students could be allowed to take courses of 4th year bachelor (not under) to complete their programme (subject to UCL/ESL authorization).
      • Università Commerciale Luigi Bocconi: choose Graduate courses from the department of Economics and department of Finance ONLY
      • For Latin American Universities: Students have to take master courses but could also be authorized by the UCL/ESL to follow courses from the last semesters of the “pregrado” in Economics.
      • For Appalachian University (US): Choose minimum 6 courses (2 Graduate courses in Economics (code 5000 / Senior) + 4 Undergraduate courses (codes 3000/4000 ONLY) – Ask for the list
      • For McGill University: Choose honour courses from the undergraduate program (500 level courses). Potential access to master courses with authorization.
  • For Bachelor students, ONLY choose courses strictly equivalent to the courses of the programme of “Bachelier en Sciences économiques et de gestion”- Annual Bloc 3/2nd semester
    • To take at UCL during the 1st semester:
      • Gestion des productions et des opérations
      • Econométrie
      • Finance
      • Industrial Organisation
      • Sciences religieuses
      • Stratégie d’entreprise (LECGE1315A)
      • Economie européenne (LEURO1302)
    • Equivalencies to find abroad :
      • Ethique économique, sociale et politique
      • Economie publique
      • Management humain
      • History of Economic Theory
      • Econométrie appliquée
      • 1 seminar (Economie industrielle / International Economy)
  • Language courses are not accepted within the 30 ECTS.
  • Each draft programme will have to be reviewed by the UCL/ESL Academic Coordinator.
  • When abroad please check that you have received the authorization and approval of UCL/ESL academic coordinator before course registration at the host institution.

Log in - « Virtual Office » – Tab « Mes études » - Section « Ma mobilité ».


  • If « Ma Mobilité » doesn’t appear, please send an email to Mrs. Géraldine Carette
  • Use Firefox for optimal performance of the system

  • Enter the date of the academic year OF MOBILITY
  • Choose “Séjour de cours” (course mobility)
  • Choose the Faculty: ESPO
  • Choose the country of destination
  • Choose the Partnership (university of destination) (pay attention to the programme CODE next to the destination. You have to choose the destination with code ECON)
  • Choose the programme code: ECON2MS/G (professional focus) or ECON2MA (research focus) or ECGE1BA (for Bachelor in Economics and Management)
  • Registration is done
  • Repeat this for each destination you have applied for.

  • When registration to a partnership is done, you can enter a draft programme for that specific partnership
  • Click on “Accès aux Propositions”
  • Click on « Créer une proposition ex-nihilo »
  • The best way to build your programme is to:
    • go on the website of the Partner University and look at the courses available
    • go on the section “choisir des cours associés au partenariat” or « choisir d’autres cours de l’université partenaire » in « Mob-i »
      • PAY ATTENTION : you will find a list of courses entered in the system by former students. There is no guarantee that the courses are still offered NOR that those courses have finally been accepted by the Academic coordinator. Always double-check on the host university website.
  • Don’t forget to SUBMIT your draft programme to make it visible to the UCL/ESL coordinators (click on the warning sign and on “SOUMISE”)

To modify a first signed agreement, click on the orange target “Dupliquer cette proposition” and enter a new draft programme