Programme Request


All the special requests have to be submitted with the PROGRAMME form (2nd page / verso of the official programme form) - before September 30th.


For the courses of the second semester, you will have the opportunity to make minor course's modification via the on-line request form in February ( at the latest by February 08 )

!!!!GOOD TO KNOW!!!!!
  • You can submit up to 3 programme requests
  • For each request fill in the form (back of the official programme form) according to the following steps:

    1. Type of request: Exemption / Option / Language / Elective outside the programme / Seminar / Additional course (> 60 credits excluding pre-requisites) / Other

    2. The course code and the semester concerned

    3. The request
  • Your request will be reviewed by the Request Committee

You can submit a request in the following cases:

- If you have previously followed a course similar in content to the one imposed in the programme, you can ask for credit exemption (maximum 5 credits) <=> Exemption

- if you cannot follow a whole option during one academic year due to schedule conflict or language issues, you can ask for a modification of the option's structure <=> Option

- If you want to follow an additional language course in your master programme, you can justify your request and indicate the course code <=> Language course

- If you want to follow an elective course OUTSIDE THE PROGRAMME, you can append a course description (weblink or pdf) <=> External course

- If you cannot follow the requested seminars (Economic Analysis Sem + Contemp. Issues Sem.) due to schedule conflict or language issues <=> Seminar

- If you want to add one or several courses to your study programme, you can submit a motivated request. Warning: The annual programme cannot exceed 75 credits <=> Additional course (> 60 credits excluding pre-requisites)

- For any other request <=> Other