Catarina Marvão




Graduated in September 2009 and is currently at the Department of Economics, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland

The Double Degree in Economics between Lisbon and Louvain is unquestionably an exceptional experience that could happen nowhere else and at no other stage in your life and it could not have prepared me better for a Ph.D., in Economics, in Trinity College Dublin. If you love learning, discovering new models, achieving more than you ever thought you could, feel proud of yourself after creating your own theoretical model and look at the final result wondering how you made it, then Louvain is the perfect place. Professors' expectations seem disproportionally high, but the striking thing is that you can meet them, with a lot of effort, a lot of hard work, a lot of 20-hour days, but you do surprise yourself and that just feels incredible. In Louvain, you will be amazed by the number of parties per square meter, per night. Days in the library are a must but a day without a beer wouldn't be a complete day and study breaks take place with friends with whom you get to talk at least five languages. Besides scientific knowledge, you learn how to manage your time. Being in Belgium is not enough: you’ll want to travel everywhere and party like crazy, and that all happens, but because the course work is so intense and demanding, you learn how to find a perfect balance between both things. I believe that the package of knowledge, values and the close relationship with professors together with a truly international experience and a higher dose of hard work and fun than you could ever imagine make you the perfect candidate to pursue an academic career or to work wherever you want, in whatever you wish.