Joël Machado




Graduated in September 2010 and is currently a teaching assistant and PhD student at UCL Economics School of Louvain

Participating in the joint degree with FCEE was an extraordinary experience. During the first year, besides the pleasant life environment of Lisbon, I enjoyed the interesting courses taught by very available professors. As we were a small group of students, the contact with them was made easy. I further had the opportunity to attend several conferences and meet companies' representatives during various workshops.
Back at the UCL, the challenging second year of the program allowed to strengthen the knowledge of economic theory and build up necessary tools for economic analyses. The international composition of the students’ group was also a bonus. The multicultural atmosphere allowed to spend amazing moments at personal and academic level.
Personally, I did not want to miss a stay at a foreign university in my academic education. The program confirmed my interest in research, provided some important tools and allowed me to meet amazing friends.