Julian Boulanger




Graduated in September 2011

The Bocconi/UCLouvain Joint Degree is a remarkably designed programme, bringing the best of each institution to students, allowing them to be thoroughly trained in both technical skills and theoretical knowledge and analysis. Students enrolled in this programme should be ready to be challenged in very different and complementary areas in each university. Whilst Bocconi provides a rigorous training in quantitative methods, preparing the groundwork for theoretical and empirical analysis, Louvain offers the most up-to-date economic courses. Personally, I very much enjoyed the international environment at Bocconi, and small size seminar-type lectures taught at Louvain. Thanks to the first year in-depth study, I benefited from one-on-one interactions with a leading specialist, guiding me through the process of research. All in all, I feel this programme is an excellent preparation for research-oriented careers.