Webinar / "Management and control of a rapidly growing startup. The Sleep Company Case", Prof. Joachim Sandt

Louvain-La-Neuve, Mons

November 18, 2021

17:30 CET



If you are curious how an industry is disrupted by a start-up that was launched in 2013 and generated €405 million profitable revenue in 2020, we have an invitation for you.

During the webinar Prof. Joachim Sandt will help us understand the problems of management control in rapidly growing companies. He will elaborate on the performance metrics, that is one of the management controls providing context and orientation, but according to him there are other management controls that are important to recognize, especially for start-ups. He will also provide insights on how to design the management control package for a former start-up that is now a large company while maintaining the start-up culture and agility.


The webinar is organized by BMI Brussels for the UCLouvain BMI International EMBA programme.

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