Louvain-La-Neuve, Mons


Our vision:
The slogan of the LSM is “Excellence & Ethics in Management”.

For the Career, Corporate & Events department of the LSM, this means that the student. e
- can discover the world of work both in theory and in practice;
- joins an integrated training player in the regional, Belgian and international business ecosystem.

Our goal is to:

Promote the socio-professional integration of students from the Louvain School of Management.

Our missions

1. Support the professional development of students who, in the future, will lead people and projects in a globalized world.

2. Bring the world of private organizations and organizations

  • enable students to develop their skills and gain professional experience;
  • facilitate the integration of students into the professional world;
  • that the needs of organizations meet the aspirations of students.

3. Connect the world of private and public organizations and organizations with academics so that:

- students are in contact with professionals in the context of teaching activities;
- that academics benefit from the knowledge and expertise of these professionals;
- these professionals have access, in return, to the knowledge and expertise of the university.

4. Mobilize partner companies, members of the LSM Advisory Council and Alumni, representing the heterogeneity of the professional world, in order to:

- support the activities and development of the LSM in the context of socio-professional integration of students and young graduates;
- strengthening the link between the LSM, its academics and the world of work;
- initiate and/or support projects to strengthen the LSM brand and membership ("We are LSM").

5. Organize faculty events.