Competency Framework

Louvain-La-Neuve, Mons

 Presentation of LSM's Competency Framework

During their programme, students of the LSM 120 Masters will have developed the following capabilities...


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The Louvain School of Management has constructed a competency framework, defining the exit profile of our graduates following the Master’s in Management (120 credits) and the Master’s in Business Engineering (120 credits). The framework is intended to be at the heart of the process of monitoring the quality of our training programs, in addition to providing a compass to guide the student during his educational programme at LSM...towards his future professional obligations.

This competency framework sets common core competencies expected from all graduates of the Masters’ 120 in Management and in Business Engineering, beyond the specific disciplines of these two programmes and the tracks selected by the students.

It defines the exit profile of our graduates, the target to be reached by the end of their degree course followed at LSM.  The Masters’ in Management and Business Engineering should enable the student to develop all the skills of this framework. 

Like a compass, this framework provides the direction to follow; a point of reference for each professor in the design of their courses and a guide for each student to develop, build and identify their own learning priorities. 

This framework is the result of a collaborative effort that involved teachers, students, alumni and our socio-professional collaborators. This in-depth reflection led to the detailed explanation of these competencies.