Louvain-La-Neuve, Mons

Graduation 2020
13.11.20 (Louvain-la-Neuve)
17.11.20 (Mons)

15.11.19 (Louvain-la-Neuve)

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Further to the invitation email from Professor Joakim Per Agrell, Dean of the LSM, please read carefully all the instructions listed below

1. To complete your registration for the graduation ceremony

We ask that you please adhere to the following two steps:

  • Complete the online Survey of Your Employment Status”. This information about your employment situation is extremely valuable for the rankings, in which the LSM participates, and for the improvement of the employment service and Corporate.
  • Validate your registration for the graduation ceremony: registration for the graduation ceremony is at the end of the survey.

These two conditions are necessary to validate your participation in the ceremony.

Online registration closes October 29, 2019.

2. Booking of tickets for your accompanists (!!! 2 maximum per student!!!)

The booking of the entrance tickets for your accompanists (!!! 2 max!!!) to the ceremony is done directly by you via the Aula Magna website.
Please note: the reservation is made in your name. You will need to register your NOMA.
A participation fee of 10€ per accompanist will be requested when booking via the Aula Magna ticket system. If this contribution represents an obstacle for you, you may submit a reasoned request to the dean of the faculty for partial or full reimbursement of this contribution.

Online Registration for accompanists closed October 29, 2019


Due to the number of graduate students, we can only accept two accompanists per student attending the ceremony. In addition, the capacity of the "Théâtre" at l'Aula Magna is limited, and a retransmission will take place in the "Foyer Royal". The first 500 tickets reserved will give access to the “Theatre” and the next in the “Foyer Royal” on air. Your accompanists will be required to carry the tickets that you have booked online and that have been sent to you by the Aula Magna, to attend the ceremony, in the “Theatre” or in the “Foyer Royal”, as the case may be.

Any request for registration made after these deadlines will be refused!

Practical Information

We draw your attention to the following practical information:

  1. Diploma: On the margins of the ceremony, you will receive your diploma. This assumes that you have successfully registered online within the prescribed time frame (October 29, 2019), and that you are showing up with identification (no attorney accepted).
  2. Graduation Gown and hats: The LSM honours its graduates by providing for the wearing of a Graduation gown and hat at the ceremony. In order to facilitate the distribution of those, and make sure you wear them to your size, do not forget to complete this section at the end of online registration (cfr. online survey).
    • The gowns will be given to you, after checking your documents at the reception.
    • The hats will be given to you during the ceremony. At the end of the ceremony, you can keep a souvenir of the event, by acquiring the togas and toques (payment only in cash), at the entrance of the hall of the Aula Magna.
  3. Photos: Year group photos will be posted on the LSM website following the ceremony.
  4. Complete the evaluation questionnaire about your LSM program. This questionnaire will be sent to you by 15 October 2019 on your UCLouvain email address. Could you return it completed before 8 November 2019 so that we can consider your alumnus look, and then improve our future trainings.

Ceremony program and proceedings

• 4 pm: reception of graduates, verification of documents, changing rooms, reception of graduation gown
• 4:45 pm: Installation of graduates in gowns in the room and briefing.
• 5 pm: changing rooms, checking of booking tickets, access to the room for escorts.
• 5:30 pm: opening ceremony.
• 7:15 pm: closing, promotional photos, reception.

Beautiful ceremony to all!

For practical questions, please contact lsm-career-events

Congrats, you have become an Alumnus LSM!

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27.11.19 (Mons)

More info & registration (before 20.11.19)