The LSM Career Path

Louvain-La-Neuve, Mons

Discover the "LSM Career Path"!

The Louvain School of Management has developed a new Career Path for each of its students. Called the "LSM Career Path", it includes 4 steps of professional integration.

Its missions: to help students develop their professional project, then to find an internship and a job that meets their expectations.

The 4 steps of the route:

  1. I develop my managerial skills
  2. I am discovering the world of work
  3. I define my professional project
  4. I go for it!

First year of Master's: 1 soft skills activity ( Gold Activity) as part of the LLSMD2091-LLSMD2090 Seminar on relational and managerial competencies

Second year of Master's: 2 green activities as part of the LLSMD2915 Internship Seminar. These activities can be ANTICIPATED during your first year of Master's!

Here is the Calendar but don't forget to register to each activity on your Career Center:

These activities and workshops are organized by the Career, Corporate & Events Office of the LSM.