Dean's word

Louvain-La-Neuve, Mons

Louvain School of Management: An academic year under the sign of IMPACT

TO IMPACT: To mark, to influence, to have a concrete and visible influence on something. To leave a trace.

Following the "Innovate and Cocreate" theme initiated in 2021-2022 and in phase with the reform of the programmes, the academic year 2022-23 at LSM intends to place more concrete emphasis on the "Impact" that it can (help to) generate among its students and alumni as well as its partners, in order to contribute, all together, even more to the world of tomorrow.

"Without the ambition to create impact, the themes supported by our Faculty in recent years, namely teaming up, sustainability, innovation and cocreation, are destined to remain futile and introverted initiatives.”

The impact sought by our Faculty is not only economic, but also social, societal and environmental (at local, national and international levels). This will be achieved not only through our training programmes and associated research, enriched with more practice, but also through better support for our students throughout their academic career and beyond, as well as towards our partners. With an ambitious underlying goal: to develop a true LSM community of common interest, committed to serving the collectivity.

In order to achieve this, the Faculty is based on a strategy targeting three main axes, interconnected and organized in a virtuous circle:

  1. The search for relevance and meaning (WHAT?)

Renewal and continuous improvement of the teaching modules and targeted skills and greater congruence of projects to keep up with the rapid evolution of the socio-economic environment and the many challenges facing society. We need to emphasize management as resulting in a collective and pragmatic move, aligned with humanistic values, not as an elitistic, closed and myopic skill. Not forgetting the quest for meaning that drives our students today more than ever.

  1. The contribution to society (to WHOM?)

Education is only of interest if it can be accessible, useful and shared. Our students and staff will be present to bring change and expertise to those that need it the most, not only large entreprises. LSM also aims to broaden the beneficiaries of the innovative contributions of its students and researchers, to start-ups, SMEs, but also to the non-market sector and to the public sector (which have considerable needs and lacks resources).

  1. Strengthening a community of solidarity (WITH WHOM?)

In addition to preparing our students to become tomorrow's managers, with an ethical spirit and excellence, LSM also wants to be more attentive and strengthen its collaborative community involvement by including more the student associations and alumni and by getting closer to other external stakeholders in the field such as professional federations and associations (e.g. UWE, BECI, FEB).

The aim is not to consume each other's skills or knowledge but to pool them to increase the overall positive societal impact for the benefit of all.

Leave a lasting impact', doing something sustainable for our world, what better motivation to start this Masters in Management!

The start of the 2022-23 academic year at LSM will be IMPACTFUL or it won't be! Everything is being done to achieve this. This will only be possible with you, ALL OF US!


Per Agrell

Dean of the Faculty