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Teach to Transform

An inspiring Management School to shape transformative leaders in a world of transitions

A word from the Dean and the Management Board



Dear Members of the LSM Community,

The Management Board and I took over the running of Louvain School of Management (LSM) in September. Our Faculty Council was an opportunity to thank the outgoing Dean's team and to outline our priorities for the future.

Strategic Perspectives and Concrete Actions

Our first words go to each and every one of you to welcome you at the dawn of this new year, to tell you how fully committed we are to serving the faculty and to present the three strands of our collective strategy. For each of them, we mention a concrete action that we will implement in the first 6 months of 2023-2024:

  1. Considering pedagogy as our common good
  1. Enhancing our international reputation and strengthening our links with public and private organisations
  • On November 24th, 2023, we will be working in depth with a renewed Advisory Council, including a higher representation of women leaders and non-profit organisations. We will also be building on our links with Circle U., CEMS and the Baltic Management Institute (BMI).
  1. Intensifying our actions for a more sustainable world
  • In February 2024, we will complete the mapping of the contribution of all the Master 120 (LLN) courses onto Sustainable Development and Transition frameworks, before more actions to come.

What’s our raison d’être?

As part of an internationally renowned University, the essence of our faculty is to disseminate the most advanced scientific knowledge in order to train students, support their engagement and educate them as enlightened adults. At the same time, we are entering a world marked by profound social and ecological changes.

By becoming a key actor in the transitions, we want to contribute to the emergence of a more sustainable society and, practically, shape responsible and transformative leaders, who will drive organisations in a more resilient way, act more respectfully towards people and territories, and teach us to live better on Earth.

Our commitment to EQUIS accreditation has no other purpose. It is not an end in itself, but a means to support this long-term strategy.



These, dear members of the LSM Community, are the broad outlines that will guide our commitment and actions over the coming months and years.

They only make sense if we put words into action, act ourselves in the way we teach our students to act and form a genuine collaborative community.

They only make sense if we involve each and every one of you. It is together, and in no other way, that we will climb the summits that await us.

We wish you all an excellent academic year.

The Dean and the Management Board

Published on October 20, 2023