"The Solar inspiration to Change" by Dean Per J. Agrell

Louvain-La-Neuve, Mons

We witness a growing tendency of polarizing the views of the world into extreme opinions and ideological camps. Where there was a respectful disagreement upon choices and priorities, there is now not even a common understanding of history and facts.

Fueled by a sense of endemic frustration from the long social isolation during COVID, the general tone of interaction among citizens has become more aggressive and judgmental. In parallel, many are feeling helplessly stressed by the urgent environmental and social challenges. Combined, deeply negative and pessimistic thoughts about our future are abundant, also among the young.

Our credo in Louvain School of Management is in finding solutions and spreading hope rather than despair and cynicism. We will also give voice and join forces with those that feel the same. Bertrand Piccard, explorer, entrepreneur, and scientist, DHC from UCLouvain and the founder of the Solar Impulse Foundation, points out that the human capacity of finding solutions to environmental and economic problems is enormous and largely untapped. His foundation has listed over 1.400 technical solutions that are feasible and proven to reduced waste, environmental impact, energy usage, and costs. Many of these solutions to improve transport, heating, packaging, and agriculture could substantially improve the efficiency and sustainability in the economy.

But to unleash this power requires us:
- To dare innovating, breaking the habits,
- To join forces, not waiting for one stakeholder to solve everything.

On 28.03.22, Bertrand Piccard, from the Solar Impulse Foundation, gives an exceptional open conference at Louvain School of Management together with the CEO of Solvay, Ilham Kadri, on the theme “Transition écologique: l’opportunité économique du siècle?”. This is a unique opportunity to hear how a fact-based entrepreneur works concretely to change the world. Don’t miss it.

Per J. Agrell
Dean of the Faculty

Conférence / “Transition écologique: l’opportunité économique du siècle?”, Bertrand Piccard et Ilham Kadri

Published on February 16, 2022