The competencies presented by Kanar

Louvain-La-Neuve, Mons

 The competencies presented by KANAR

Throughout their studies, LSM students in Master 120 in Business Engineering or in Management will have developed the following skills.


1. Acting as a socially responsible actor

Act as a reflexive actor, aware of its responsibilities, with ethical and humanistic values at the centre of its perspectives.



2. Mastering knowledge

To acquire in an active and integrated way a body of multidisciplinary knowledge (knowledge, methods, models, conceptual frameworks) essential to act with expertise in the various fields of management.


3. Apply a scientific approach

Analyse and solve concrete and complex multidisciplinary management problems and situations according to a scientific and systemic approach.


4. Innovate and entrepreneurship

Innovate, entrepreneurship and lead change.



5. Acting in an international and multicultural context

Acting as an interface between stakeholders of different rationalities, action logics, training, nationalities, cultures, etc.

6. Teamworking and leadership

Integrate and collaborate within a team and exercise enlightened leadership in managing collaborators.


travail équipe

7. Project management

Define and manage a project to its completion, taking into account the objectives, resources and constraints of the project environment.

gestion projet

8. Communicate

Communicate, dialogue effectively and convince your interlocutors.


9. Develop oneself

To know oneself and be autonomous, to be able to adapt quickly to new contexts and to evolve positively in them.