Chaire de la Vallée Poussin 2022

Since its creation in 2001, the "Chaire de la Vallée Poussin" is awarded every year to a world-renowned mathematician. It is held in the form of a 4-day-series of lectures with international public. An inaugural lecture on the first day is followed by 3 more lectures, exploring the topic in some more depth.

The recipient of the Chaire de la Vallée Poussin 2022 is Ieke Moerdijk, professor at Utrecht University.


Ieke Moerdijk made many important discoveries and contributions in various fields of mathematics, including algebraic topology, category theory, logic and differential geometry. His various research articles and books are well-known worlwide and have influenced the work of many mathematicians during the last decades. 

Professor Moerdijk is a member of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences and of Academia Europeae, and was awarded the Spinoza Prize in 2012.


Program "Trees in Algebra and Geometry"

Tuesday 6 September - 4.15 pm
Inaugural lecture : Some interactions bertween algebra and geometry

Wednesday 7 September - 4.15 pm
Lecture 1 : Operads, trees and duality

Thursday 8 September - 11 am
Lecture 2 : Comparison of different E_n operads

Friday 9 September - 9.30 am
Lecture 3 : Profinite completion of Quillen model categories

All lectures will be given in the Charles de la Vallée Poussin auditorium (CYCL 01), Marc de Hemptinne building, chemin du Cyclotron, 2 Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium.
More information: 010 47 33 12 or


Published on June 30, 2022