WORKSHOP by Jessica Vandenbosch (Business and Decision)

May 12, 2023



ISBA - C115 (1st Floor) + TEAMS

WORKSHOP by Jessica Vandenbosch (Business and Decision) on "Data visualisation and dashboard fundamentals"


Whether you are a statistician, researcher, data analyst or data scientist, data visualisation and dashboard design skills are important to communicate your findings and complex information in a clear and effective way. In this workshop, we will cover the fundamentals of dashboard design and data visualisation, including topics like choosing appropriate chart types, best practices in terms of visual elements and layout, and common mistakes and pitfalls. We will review the existing visualisation tools and explore the main features and functionalities of Power BI, a widely used tool that allows you to connect to and transform data, create and customise visuals, and share dashboards with others. This workshop will also give you a clearer view of the process and steps to follow when developing a dashboard in Power BI.

    Workshop also by  TEAMS, link here :    TEAMS LINK   

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