Book in Progress : The Ethics of Surrogacy

CHAIRE HOOVER Louvain-La-Neuve

16 mai 2022

10:50 - 16:30

Bâtiment Dupriez, auditoire E.221


By Anca Gheaus and Christine Straehle
11:15 Opening Remarks
Axel Gosseries (Un. catholique de Louvain)

11:20 Introduction

Anca Gheaus (Central European University) and
Christine Straehle (Hamburg University)
Chapter 1
Defending Surrogacy as Reproductive Labour
 Alain Loute (Un. catholique de Louvain)


Chapter 2
Against private surrogacy: a child-centred view
Tim Meijers (Leiden University)

13:00 Lunch Break

Chapter 3
What’s in it for the baby?
Cléo Salion (Un. Panthéon-Sorbonne)

Chapter 4
Women and children first. A reply to Straehle
15h45 Teresa Baron (Czech Academy of Sciences)

Each chapter (45’) - Introduction by the authors (10’) - Discussant + replies (15’) - Debate with everyone (20’)