Mardis intimes (Michs)

CHAIRE HOOVER Louvain-La-Neuve

Les mardis de la Chaire Hoover (Michs) consistent en des rencontres plus informelles sur des thèmes plus techniques. 
Les mardis intimes se déroulent le mardi de 12h45 à 13h55 précises.
A la Salle Vivès (D-305, Place Montesquieu 3 Louvain-la-Neuve)
Aucune inscription préalable n'est requise. Accès gratuit.

Mich: Limitarianism and Intergenerational Justice

Manuel Valente (Hoover Chair, UCLouvain) As a novel view in distributive justice, limitarianism claims that it is morally impermissible to be rich. Recent debates on limitarianism focus on what...

Socialism revised (Mermich lunchbag seminar)

Hoover Chair in economic and social ethics (in collaboration with CORE/IRES), Mermich lunchbag seminar, Wednesday March 13, 12h45-14h John Roemer (Yale University and DHC UCLouvain 2019),...

Mich: The harm of death for animals

Espen Gamlund, University of Bergen There is wide acceptance for the view that death can harm human beings or persons. There is less acceptance for the view that death can be harmful to...

Mich: From moral principles to political judgments

Pierre-Etienne Vandamme (KU Leuven) Political judgments – whether to vote for A or B or to prefer policy x or y – are usually a combination of a normative principle or intuition with an...