Mich "Mind the Pension Gap: Gender Equality in Retirement Pensions"

CHAIRE HOOVER Louvain-La-Neuve

01 mars 2022

12h45 - 14h00

Teams & Doyen 21

Mardi intime de la Chaire Hoover par Manuel Valente

The monthly pension gap between men and women is more than twice the pay gap at other ages. So what should distributive egalitarians think about the pension gap? I consider two arguments for this inequality: women should either 1) receive less overall because they contribute less ‘in-cash’ or 2) receive less monthly because they tend to live longer. Distributive equality offers a plausible rejection of these arguments, suggesting that we close the monthly gap with women receiving more overall. To this end, egalitarians should prefer age (to gender) differentiation, given how progressive old-age retirement can contribute to further gender equality.