Utopian Universities

CHAIRE HOOVER Louvain-La-Neuve

Aarhus Project. Higher Education Governance from a normative perspective. Friday, September 23rd, 2016, Université catholique de Louvain. 2016 is the 500th birthday of the publication of Thomas More's Utopia in Louvain, and the university is organising a serie of events about utopias. The aim of this workshop is to focus on higher education governance issues.


Where? auditoire DOYE 21, bâtiment des Doyens (42, place Rabelais), 2nd floor.

Morning session

Chair: Danielle Schwartz (Sorbonne-UCLouvain)
9:00: Welcome
9:30: Gina Schouten (Harvard University), “Exploring the Social Justice Aim of Ideal Universities in Non-ideal Societies”. Discussant: Catherine Xhardez (Saint-Louis).
10:45: coffee break
10:55: Thomas Ferretti (UCLouvain) – “What is a just governance model for universities? Lessons from a cooperative university”. Discussant: Shanna K. Slank (UW Madison).
11:40: Axel Gosseries (UCLouvain), “Academic Freedom and University Governance”. Discussant: Jens Damgaard Thaysen (Aarhus)
12:25: lunch

Afternoon session

Chair: Philippe Van Parijs (UCL)
13:20: André Rubião (Faculdade de Direito Milton Campos), « L’ « extension » comme mécanisme pour une « université participative » ». Discussant: Philippe Hambye (UCLouvain)
14:35: Vincent Vandenberghe (UCLouvain) – “Utopian Universities: the organizational and financial corollaries of individual academic freedom”. Discussant: Danielle Schwartz (Paris, UCLouvain)
15:20: coffee break
15:30: Danielle Zwarthoed (UCLouvain) - « Should we increase student involvement in university governance? ». Discussant: Louis-Léon Christians (UCLouvain).
16:15: Josephine Boland (National University of Ireland Galway), ‘'Student participation in university governance: a necessary but insufficient condition for fostering democracy. So what else do we need?'. Discussant: Kasper Lippert-Rasmussen (Aarhus University)
17:30: end



Publié le 03 juin 2016