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Du Tevatron au LHC (en)

On Tuesday, 4th of April, at the 25th DIS international workshop in Birmingham, UK, the CMS experiment extended the very first cross section measurement of the top pair (tt) production at 5.02 TeV center-of-mass (c.o.m) energy. The measurement tracks the evolution of the tt cross section as a...
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En Pratique : Les physiciens sont-ils des bâtisseurs ?

"En pratique" @ CERN avec Abideh Jafari (en)

CERN just launched "In Practice", a series of articles about experimental physicists working on CERN experiments. Our colleague and friend Abideh (Nadjieh) Jafari is one of the first people they met, in the "CP3 office" at CERN.
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Des quarks 'top' dans les collisions entre ions ? (en)

Earlier today, at the 128th LHCC Open session meeting, both ATLAS and CMS experiments demonstrated for the first time candidate events whose signatures are compatible with the decay of a pair of top quarks in the nuclear environment of proton-Lead (pPb) collisions at a center-of-mass energy of...
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