The LONGDALE (Longitudinal Database of Learner English) project was initiated in January 2008 and aims to build and feed a large truly longitudinal database of learner English containing data from learners from a wide range of mother tongue backgrounds.  The same students are followed over a period of at least three years and data collections are organized at least once a year.

The term ‘database' rather than ‘corpus' is used here as our aim is to collect a wide range of data types, from fairly uncontrolled spoken or written data such as argumentative essays, narratives or informal interviews to more guided types in the form of summaries or picture descriptions. We also collect some experimental data such as grammaticality judgement tests.

The database includes comprehensive learner profile information which is gathered during each data collection session. These variables include, inter alia, age, gender, educational background, country, language background, proficiency level. Variables pertaining to the task are also included.

Five international teams have collected data so far and future collections will soon be organized. 

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