Getting to the CECL


How to reach the CECL from the railway station?

Once at the station, head towards the "Place de l'Université". Go down "Rue Charlemagne", i.e. the main shopping street, until you reach the "Grand-Place" where you will find the Cinéscope cinema on your left as well as the Aula Magna a bit further on. Walk in the direction of the big clock which is right in front of you then turn right at the end of the "Grand-Place". Walk up the small slope for about 50 meters and you will reach the "Place Cardinal Mercier". The main entrance to the "Faculté de Philosophie et Lettres" is on your left (look for a big double door). Once inside, go up the stairs and into the library. Take the lift to the third floor in the library. The Centre for English Corpus Linguistics (N72) is the door right in front of you when you get out of the lift.

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