Before your Exchange


Congratulations, you have been pre-selected for an international exchange and informed of your destination.

TO DO list BEFORE your mobility program


Three conditions must still be met before you can be officially selected for the allocated destination:

  • Read all the  information regarding the Scholarship
  • Once your status in mob-i has been updated to "selected" and the status of your learning agreement updated to "contract", ADRI will liaise with you about the process to obtain the scholarship and the deadlines you must abide by and they will also activate the OLS licence to test your language skills (this is a /auto-evaluation/learning tool, its results are not taken into account in the final selection and won't appear on your transcript).



  • You may need a visa, depending on your destination and nationality. Please follow the instructions of the host university and the relevant embassy.
  • If a visa is required, get a student visa. Do not apply for a tourist visa.
  • Please consult the relevant websites of the Embassies or Consulates for further details.



Please check with your host university whether classes will be virtual from Belgium (no Erasmus funding), on campus but online or on site or a combination of both depending on the Covid situation.

It is important to note that UClouvain's authorisation to go on exchange is not the only condition that must be met to do your exchange. It will also depend on whether student travel outside Belgium is allowed and also whether the country in which the host institution is located authorises foreigners to stay. These are conditions that are impossible to guarantee today, and we can't tell you either whether you will need to do a Covid test, quarantine yourself or be vaccinated upon entering the country at the time of your departure. You must therefore find the relevant information and accept to be subjected to some or all these constraints if you don't want your exchange to be cancelled.