Before, during, after


You've been informed of your destination.

Before your mobility program

  • Two conditions must still be met to be officially selected for the attributed destination:
    • Meet the ESL final selection criteria
    • Complete successfully the application procedure sent by the host institution (by email). A file consisting of different documents must be compiled in time in order to be accepted by the host institution.  It is your responsibility to meet the application criteria and deadlines announced by the host institution.
  • The Mob-i app and Learning agreement:
    • finalize via Mob-i your learning agreement (detailed study program to be followed at the host institution). This document is crucial to obtain your mobility grant and has to be signed by the 3 parts (Host Institution, Student and UCL) before your departure. Please consult:
      • Mob-I tool tab to know more about "How to build your program and deal with the Mob-i app".
      • For DD students, please consult the official joint programs and enter the exact program on Mob-i
    • Enter the expected dates of arrival and departure (mobility grant procedure)
    • Please be sure that you meet the deadlines undermentioned (crucial step for the Mobility Grant procedure
Term of Mobility Finalize your program on Mob-i Obtain the Learning agreement signed by the host university
Term 1 or full year Before May 25th Before July 15th
Term 2 Before October 15th Before December 5th
  • Consult the UCL Mobility Grant Procedure
  • For a Mobility in Europe, you'll have to take the Online Linguistic Support test (Learning tool / Results not taken into account in the final selection)
  • For the Master ECON students: The day after the deliberations and before you go abroad, do not forget to register again at UCL for the Annual block 2 of your master's degree.  The procedure is to be carried out online from your virtual desk – My Studies – Re-registration.
  • Visa:
  • Please get the information regarding insurance before your departure /

  • Be carefully and responsible during your stay:

    • Inform the Belgian Embassy or Consulate of your presence in the country

    • Be constantly in possession of your ID papers, emergency telephone number of your insurance, healthcare card, telephone number of the embassy or consulate on location, your personal medicines or personal medical information, etc.

During your mobility program

  • Please confirm your arrival by entering the effective date of arrival and the expected date of departure via Mob-i (also part of the mobility grant procedure)
  • Finalize your learning agreement at the latest 3 weeks after your arrival (Mob-i). Every possible change in your study program has to be included in your learning agreement modification (via Mob-i only)
  • Keep also in mind the ESL deadlines:
    • Consult the ESL electronic boards and your uclouvain email address regularly
    • For the courses taken abroad, the ESL International Coordinator will take care of your UCL exam registration
    • For the students leaving during term 1, do not forget to send back your program form for ESL program registration before September 30

After your mobility program

  • Check with the UCL mobility grant departemnt that you have successfully completed the mobility grand procedure (contract signed and sent on time, declaration of stay duly signed by the host institution, evaluation report filled in, etc.)
  • Your transcript of records will be sent by your host institution after the end of your mobility. Make sure that you leave with a copy or at least with the information related to its expenditure.
  • The conversion of the marks will be carried out by the internaitonal office with the approval of the ESL Academic Coordinator and entered on your UCL virtual office.
  • The conversion will be based on the ECTS grading scale on the basis of the official statistical mark distribution
  • The conversion tables per destination are available on request at the ESL International Office. Please ask for it before your departure to leave with a clear idea of the conversion that will be operated after your stay.