Master in Economics - Econometrics Focus - ETRI2MA


The program introduces the students to the core matters of economics and econometrics, while offering from the spring term of its first year a wide range of optional courses for later specialization towards the preparation of a PhD dissertation. During the Master, the student undertake a research project that will be part of his PhD dissertation.

This program leads to UCLouvain degree "Master [120] en Sciences économiques, orientation économétrie, finalité approfondie".

A 2-year program - ETRI2MA - 120 credits

There is no mobility track in this program.

YEAR 1 - 60 ECTS      
LECON2500 Mathematics and Statistics for economics Fall 5
S. Van Bellegem
LECON2600 Dynamical Methods in Economics Fall 5 R. Oikonomou
LECON2111 Advanced microeconomics I Fall 5 F. Maniquet
LECON2121 Advanced macroeconomics I Fall 5 L. Pensieroso
LECON2112 Advanced microeconomics II Spring 5 TBC
LECON2122 Advanced macroeconomics II Spring 5 R. Oikonomou
LECON2131 Advanced econometrics I Spring 5 S. Van Bellegem
1 research seminar among - 5 ECTS
LECON2161 Research Seminar I: Macroeconomics Spring 5 D. de la Croix
ECONM653 Research Seminar I: Microeconomics (UNamur) Spring 5 E. Toulemonde
LECON2603 Research Seminar I: Econometrics Workshop Spring 5 E. San Martin
1 advanced course among the following selection - 5 ECTS
LECON2608 Advanced Labour Economics Fall 5
B. Van der Linden, M. Dejemeppe
LECON2610 Industrial Organisation Fall
J. Johnen
LECON2069 Ethics and Social Choice  Fall 5 -
LECON2065 History of Economic Thought Fall 5 L. Pensieroso
LECON2067 Critical Analysis of Market Economies   Fall 5 -
LECON2604 Advanced International Trade Spring 5
J. Gomes G. Vannoorenberghe
LECON2601 Advanced Econometrics II - Time Series Econometrics Spring 5 S. Van Bellegem
LECON2602 Advanced Econometrics II - Microeconometrics Spring 5 W. Parienté
LECON2605 Capital Markets Theory  Spring 5 -
LECON2655 Population and Family Economics Spring 5 -
LECON2609 Game Theory Spring 5 V. Vannetelbosch
LECON2607 Public Economics Spring 5 J. Hindriks
LECON2342 Théorie du développement (FR) Spring
Essay paper - 15 ECTS


1 course among the following - 5 ECTS
LECON2601 Advanced Econometrics II - Time Series Econometrics Spring 5 S. Van Bellegem
LECON2602 Advanced Econometrics II - Microeconometrics Spring 5 W. Parienté
1 Research Seminar among the following - 5 ECTS
CORE Econometrics Seminar Fall/Spring 5 -
CORE Economics Seminar Fall/Spring 5 -
IRES Research Seminar Fall/Spring 5 -
3 PhD-level courses from ESL among the following - 15 ECTS
LECON2701 Advanced courses in Economics I  Fall 5 J. Gomes
LECON2702 Advanced courses in Economics II Fall 5 A. Panin
LECON2703 Advanced courses in Economics III Spring 5 W. Parienté
LECON2704 Advanced courses in Economics IV  Fall 5 A. Panin
LECON2705 Advanced courses in Economics V  Spring 5 R. Oikonomou
2 courses from ECON Doctoral School - 10 ECTS
2 x Advanced courses
LETRI2910 Tutorial (Doctoral Workshop) - 5 ECTS
LETRI2900 Thesis - 20 ECTS


Please note that the course list may vary slighty from year to year.

Research Master in Econometrics (120)