ETRI Program


ETRI Program at UCLouvain only - ETRI2MA - 120 credits

No mobility track

Year 1 - 60 ECTS      
Mathematics and Statistics for economics Fall 5
J. Davila
S. Van Bellegem
Dynamical Methods Fall 5 R. Oikonomou
Advanced microeconomics I Fall 5

B. Decerf

F. Maniquet

Advanced macroeconomics I Fall 5 L. Pensieroso
Advanced microeconomics II Spring 5 F. Maniquet (suppl. J. Davila)
Advanced macroeconomics II Spring 5 R. Oikonomou
Advanced econometrics I Spring 5 S. Van Bellegem
1 research seminar among Spring 5  
Research Seminar I: Macroeconomics Spring   D. de la Croix
Research Seminar I: Microeconomics Spring   E. Toulemonde
Research Seminar I: Econometrics Workshop Spring   E. San Martin
 1 advanced course among:   5  
Advanced Labor Economics Fall  
K. Declercq
B. Van der Linden
Industrial Organisation Fall
J. Johnen
Ethics and Social Choice Fall  
F. Maniquet
History of Economic Thought Fall   L. Pensieroso
Critical Analysis of Market Economies   Fall    P. Roman
Advanced International Trade Spring  
J. Gomes
G. Vannoorenberghe
Advanced Econometrics II - Time Series Econometrics Spring   S. Van Bellegem
Advanced Econometrics II - Microeconometrics Spring   W. Parienté
Capital Markets Theory Spring    
Population and Family Economics Spring   F. Mariani
Game Theory Spring   V. Vannetelbosch
Public Economics Spring   J. Hindriks
Théorie du développement Spring
Essay paper   15  



Year 2 - 60 ECTS      
1 course among   5  
Time Series Econometrics Fall   S. Béreau
Microeconometrics Fall   B. Verheyden (suppl. M. Dejemeppe)
Attendande to 1 Research Seminar among   5  
CORE Econometrics Seminar Fall/Spring    
CORE Economics Seminar Fall/Spring    
IRES Research Seminar Fall/Spring    
3 PhD courses Fall/Spring 15  
1/ from ESL      
Advanced courses in Economics I  Spring   J. Gomes
Advanced courses in Economics II Fall   S.H. Nosratabadi
Advanced courses in Economics III Spring   W. Parienté
Advanced courses in Economics IV  Spring   J. Gomes
Advanced courses in Economics V  Spring   R. Oikonomou
2/ from ECON Doctoral School      
2 Advanced courses
Tutorial (Doctoral Workshop)   5  
Thesis   20  


Please note that the course list may vary slighty from year to year.

Research Master in Econometrics (120)