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Doctoral Regulation at UCLouvain

The doctoral program in economics is a third cycle educational program.

  • For the PhD students registered after 14/09/2014, the Decree of 07/11/2013 - which defines the scope of higher education and the academic organization of studies in the French Community of Belgium (“Communauté Française de Belgique”) applies.
  • For the students registered before 14/09/2014, the program is directed by the Bologna treaty and the Decree of 31/03/2004 which define higher education and promote its integration into the European Higher Education Area. It also states the financing of the universities that belong to the French Community of Belgium (“Communauté Française de Belgique”). 

It consists of 180 ECTS divided as follow:

  1. the writing, the editing and the defense of a doctoral dissertation corresponding to at least 120 ECTS, and
  2. a research training program (equivalent to a minimum of 60 ECTS) that includes both courses, workshops and individual scientific training activities.

General Admission Criteria

The program is open to any person holding a recognized Master’s degree (120 ECTS) obtained with a grade of minimum14/20 (“Distinction”) OR a diploma equivalent to 300 Credits/ECTS (which will have to be valorised by our Registration Office AND the Doctoral Commission). Specific additional requirements apply according to the Doctoral Commission of each subject (see below).

The degree of Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) is obtained after passing the (private and public) defense of a PhD thesis that should outline the quality and the originality of the research as well as the candidate’s ability to communicate about his/her area of expertise.

Diplomas accepted for applying for the PhD program in Economics

Degrees allowing to apply for a PhD program WITHOUT complementary training *

  • Master 120 in Economics from a French – speaking Belgian (FWB) university
  • Other (including foreign) degree judged equivalent to a Master 120 in Economics from a Belgian (FWB) university

* Complementary training can be imposed during the PhD program to a student with a professional Master’s degree 120 ECTS in Economics   

Degrees allowing to apply to a PhD program WITH complementary training**

  • Master 120 from a  French – speaking Belgian  (FWB) university in a different field 
  • Master 120 in a different field from another  (including foreign)  university

**A student with a Master’s degree 120 ECTS obtained with honors or equivalent in a different field may be granted access after validating up to 60 ECTS of graduate coursework in economics or equivalent. The decision belongs to the Doctoral Bureau in Economics.

Refer also to the Admission criteria defined in the UCLouvain Doctoral Regulation (for all the students who register for the first time after 14/09/2014).

Application Deadlines

The next deadline for sending your demand of admission to the Economic's Doctoral Committee is available here.
The application file (see the details in Step 0 or Step 1 here below) submitted to the doctoral committee have to be sent 2 weeks prior to the deadline announced above to ESPO doctoral administrative coordinator by email in electronic format (PDF, in a single file).
Any file sent past that deadline will be studied at the next doctoral committee meeting.

Check the practical guide via the ESPO faculty

Administrative Coordinator

The ESPO doctoral administrative coordinator is located at the ESPO Faculty - Place Montesquieu 4/L2.05.01 - 1348 Louvain-la-Neuve

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