2019 Business and Society Research Seminar - Amsterdam

Louvain-La-Neuve, Mons

Business & Society Research Seminar 2019 - "Corporate Social Responsibility, Grand Challenges and Sustainability: The Business of Society?!"

From: June 19th to 21st, 2019

Place: Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (VU Amsterdam), School of Business & Economics, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Conference website: abri.vu.nl/bsseminar2019 and practical details

Objectives of the seminar: 

The objective of this two-and-a-half-day “Business and Society Research Seminar” is to bring together doctoral students, emerging scholars, and more experienced academics to present and discuss their research projects and receive feedback in a stimulating, developmental and friendly atmosphere. We will explore commonalities as well as differences in each other’s research approaches and themes in an inspiring, sociable, and convivial academic setting. Similarly to previous editions of the seminar, this year’s event will be composed of plenary, thematic paper discussion sessions, and workshop sessions dedicated to research methodology and publication strategy. Furthermore, we will put an emphasis on collaboration and dialogue with practitioners. All sessions will involve fellow PhD students, emerging scholars, and more experienced researchers.

Organizing institutions:

The 2019 edition of the Business & Society seminar will be held in Amsterdam, hosted by VU University and the Amsterdam Business Research Institute (ABRI; www.abri.vu.nl). The seminar is financially supported by the Society for the Advancement of Management Studies (SAMS), the Louvain CSR Network of the LouRIM Louvain Research Institute in Management and Organizations (UCLouvain, Belgium), University of Namur (Belgium), the Chair in CSR at Audencia Business School (France), IÉSEG Center for Organizational Responsibility (ICOR) at IÉSEG School of Management (France), ICHEC Brussels Management School (Belgium) and the Chair in CSR at University of Mannheim (Germany).

Scientific committee:

More than 25 experienced researchers in the field are invited to attend the seminar. Next to the organizing committee, confirmed guests include Frank Boons, Joep Cornelissen, Panikos Georgallis, Frank den Hond, Arno Kourula, Christine Moser, Michelle Westermann-Behaylo, and many others... 

Full program:

To know more about this event, please consult here its program.

Organizing committee:

Valérie Swaen, UCLouvain, LouRIM (Louvain Research Institute in Management and Organizations), Belgium & IÉSEG School of Management, France 
Frank de Bakker and François Maon, IÉSEG School of Management, France 
Céline Louche, Audencia Business School, France
Christel Dumas, ICHEC Brussels Management School, Belgium 
Annick Castiaux and Sophie Pondeville, University of Namur, Belgium
Laura Marie Edinger-Schons, Chair of CSR, University of Mannheim Business School
Christopher Wickert and Koen van Bommel, VU Amsterdam