BSS research seminars

Louvain-La-Neuve, Mons

The Louvain School of Management is active in initiatives to stimulate dialogue and debate among educators, researchers, students, business, and civil society. Our CSR courses are a good starting point for students who seek to initiate discussions with organizations, business, and civil society. In all these ways, the School seeks to build partnerships, networks and communities of CSR committed people and institutions, to help leaders and staff gradually evolve their values, strategy and behaviours in this field by sharing best practices and creating synergies.

2022 Edition - Nantes

How to change the world? The art of sustainability

2019 Edition- Amsterdam

Business & Society Research Seminar 2019 - "Corporate Social Responsibility, Grand Challenges and Sustainability: The Business of Society?!"

Previous editions

2018 Business and Society Research Seminar - The Transformation towards Sustainable Business: Empowering Stakeholders for Sustainable Innovation, Production, and Consumption

Photos gallery

You will find below a few memories from the previous Business & Society research seminars.