DD - How does it work?

Louvain-La-Neuve, Mons

2 Degrees in 2 Years, How Does It Work?

The Double Degree Programme is a 2-year Master's level programme. Student will spend one academic year of their Master's programme at their home university and one academic year at the host university of their choice. After these two years, if the student has met the academic requirements of both universities, she/he will get two Master's degrees: one from their home university and one from their host university.

IMPORTANT: In order to get these 2 Master's degrees, students will have to follow the respective study programme structures, administrative procedures and requirements of each university.

Tuition Fees must be paid at the home university only; some administrative fees may be required by the host university. Further information on UCLouvain tuition fees. (The UCLouvain administrative fees, for 2019-2020, amounted to 66 euros.)

Mobility grant

For student with UCLouvain as home university, the UCLouvain mobility grant is not an entitlement but a financial support for your exchange. This grant will not cover, at all, all of your expenses.

  • "Erasmus+" for mobility in Europe: grant financed by the European Union.
  • "Erasmus Belgica" for mobility in Belgium


  • A request for additional support can be introduced in early July to the UCLouvain Social Service (given based on family income).
  • Note that even if you have already received a mobility grant during your bachelor, you can still benefit from a mobility grant for a mobility during your master.

For student with UCLouvain as host university, please take information about eventual grant alongside your home university.