DD - How does it work?

LSM Louvain-La-Neuve, Mons

2 Degrees in 2 Years, How Does It Work?

Student will spend the annual block 1 of its master programme at the home university and the annual block 2 at the host university. At the end and if the student has met the academic requirements of the universities, she/he will get two degrees: the degree from the home university and the one from the host university.

IMPORTANT: In order to get these 2 Master's degrees, you will have to follow the study programme structure, the administrative procedures, the requirements of each university.

You must earn, within the 2 years, at least :

  • 20 credits of Master's Thesis (incl. Master's thesis Seminar)
  • 30 credits of LSM professional focus courses or equivalent
  • 30 credits of LSM Major
  • 40 credits of master courses (i.e. Majors, elective courses, core courses).

These 120 credits will be spread over the 2 years, an average of 60 credits is done in each university. This course load can vary depending on the activities we validate for the LSM degree.

At LSM, you will get the Master 120 in Management, professional focus or the Master 120 in Business Engineering, professional focus, depending on your academic background and the agreement with the partner university :

> A Double Degree with KULeuven is available only for students in Business Engineering and in Toegepaste economische wetenschappen: Handelsingenieur.
> A Double Degree with Instituto Superior Tecnico is available only for students in Business Engineering and in Industrial Engineering and Management.

  • Course and Exam Registration: As a DD student, you must respect the LSM administrative procedures.
  • Detailed LSM Administrative/Academic Calendar
  • Course and Exam Schedule : The course schedule is published about 2 months before the start of the term. The exam schedule is published few weeks before the start of the exam session.
  • Please read carefully the UCL rules: General Academic and Examination Regulations
  • Double Registration: As you will follow two academic programmes at the same time, the Double Degree requires a double registration (at the home university first).
  • Tuition Fees must be paid at the home university only; some administrative fees may be required by the host university. Further information on UCL tuition fees. (The UCL administrative fees, for 2016-2017, amounted to 66 euros.)

You must earn, within the 2 years, all the mandatory credits requested by the partner university. The course load can vary depending on the activities they validate to deliver their degree.

For further information on each Double Degree, please consult the following pages:

  • Aalto University School of Economics
  • Norwegian School of Economics
  • Nova School of Business and Economics
  • Universität zu Köln
  • University of Economics Prague
  • Vytautas Magnus University
  • Instituto Superior Técnico
  • KU Leuven

To obtain the two master's degrees, you are required to write one joint master's thesis. Therefore you will have two supervisors: one at LSM and one at the partner university. The master's thesis will be written in English (in Dutch for those who are doing the master degree in Dutch at KUL). You will have to respect the requirements of both universities, e.g. a mandatory oral defense in front of the two supervisors (usually by skype).

All LSM information (guidelines, deposit) and requirements (format, seminar) are detailed on the LSM Master's Thesis intranet webpage.

Please inquire about the information and requirements of the partner university.