Developed how?

Louvain-La-Neuve, Mons

How developed?

The development process of the competency framework

This competency framework is the result of a collaborative effort conducted on LSM’s campuses, under the authority of the Educational Commission. The process required wide involvement from various LSM stakeholders, in two successive phases:

Construction phase of the framework

The competencies expected from LSM’s graduates have been defined and clarified progressively through workshops involving:

  • recent graduates and senior managers from different sectors and different areas of management, who met around the question: "What competencies do recent graduates call upon at the start of their career as a manager/director/... when entering the socio-professional world of work?"
  • LSM faculty members met during an educational seminar about the question: "What are the core competencies that students must have developed by the end of their studies at LSM?"

Wider social expectations with regard to business management graduates as well as the programme offer from other international management schools were discussed in conjunction with a selective review of the management literature and information available on the Web.

Validation phase of the framework

The draft produced at the end of the first phase was submitted for validation and revision to all stakeholders including:

  • councils and educational committees from the various campuses, bringing together professors, assistants, administrative staff and students,
  • student delegations,
  • experts in university education,
  • Executive Committee, Advisory Board, School Council and the LSM Strategic Board.