Washing optimization of the reusable cups of UCLouvain by LSM Conseil

Louvain-La-Neuve, Mons

UCLouvain was looking to change the place where its reusable cups are washed for economic and ecological reasons. The university therefore called upon the services of LSM Conseil in 2019 in order to analyze the economic and ecological stakes involved in changing the place where the cups are washed. In addition, they conducted a feasibility study to determine whether the project would be technically feasible and economically viable. Finally, they conducted brainstormings and a competitive benchmark to redesign the entire reusable cup process.

Their analyses showed that there was a problem in the organization's logistics of collecting dirty reusable cups and distributing clean reusable cups. They therefore suggested that a "cargo bike" could be used to collect the reusable cups in the right places.

In terms of ecological issues, they noticed 3 things:

  • The major source of CO2 emissions linked to the life cycle of the reusable cups is their production as well as their end of life.

  • It is necessary that the distance between the place of cleaning and use of the reusable cups be less than 400 kilometers so that the CO2 emissions emitted by transportation remain quite minimal and reasonable.

  • Organizing awareness sessions among youth about the life cycle of a reusable cup could be interesting in order to increase the number of returns after use.

Next, they carried out a competitive benchmark to determine which washing company could best suit UCLouvain by respecting the above economic and ecological issues. they looked at 4 companies: Rekwup - Axedis - Ecocup Belgium - RestoU.

Through this project, their Project Leaders were able to fully invest themselves in improving the impact of the UCLouvain while gaining experience in project implementation. LSM Conseil hope that their recommendations could be considered by the UCLouvain authorities and they remain at the disposal of all faculties wishing to call upon their services.

Published on November 12, 2020