Why a framework?

Louvain-La-Neuve, Mons

Quel curriculum de formation pour développer ces compétences cibles ?


Which curriculum and programme to develop these targeted competencies?

This competency framework is a starting point towards an in-depth examination of the existing programmes and learning activities offered by LSM, in order to continuously better quality.

From a compass for the professor...

For each course or programme activity, 4 key questions:

  • What are the priority competencies targeted by this course or activity?
  • What is the relation between these competencies and the content taught in the course or activity?
  • Which educational methods are utilized, so that the student actually develops each of these competencies?
  • What are the methods and criteria used to assess student mastery of these competencies?

These observations allow us to provide a clear learning contract for the courses and activities, clarifying their role, relative to the competency framework targets.

...to a compass to guide the quality of the programme.

Regarding the overall programme and specific training tracks, 2 key questions are raised:

  • For each targeted competency, which course or activity addresses them and how?
  • Are each of the targeted competencies sufficiently developed and addressed in the curriculum?

This analysis can be seen as a matrix, mapping the curriculum with the different competencies of the framework on one side and the various courses and programme activities on the other.

The professors themselves developed this analysis, principally through collaborative workshops, where they exchanged best practices.